Ben Osborne

Expanding horizons

There is an inevitable tendancy for wildlife photographers to work in some degree of isolation. The very nature of the subject does not lend itself to large groups of humans milling about and creating disturbance. As an observer, it is important to be subtle, to blend into the scene and  to spend long hours waiting and watching - often in the presence of a very wary animal.


While there can be great pleasure and satisfaction in this solitary, meditative lifestyle, there is also a huge satisfaction to be gained by sharing an artistic response to wildlife and wilderness. I have been working increasingly with other creative artists to produce a collection of work which sums up the spirit and atmosphere of wild places.

Jurassic Journey - Durdle Door at dusk

The results of these collaborations can be used to create presentations which provide a richer and more powerful experience for audiences and can generate a more emotional response than photography in isolation.

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