Ben Osborne

Closer to home

It is very easy to dream of visiting all kinds of exotic locations around the world and to completely overlook the photographic opportunities on your own doorstep.


Earl's Hill Pontesford, Shropshire

It is clearly easier to focus on your local area if it is classically photogenic or wildlife-rich but the UK landscape is such an astonishing patchwork of different environments and habitats that there is almost certain to be something of interest near where you live. And the more you look, the more you will find. In fact, it is familiarity which provides a deeper insight into a place and helps predict what might be seen throughout the year and how the landscape and photographic opportunities change with the seasons.


The Shropshire Hills AONB is my local "patch" and I will admit that I don't get out of the door often enough to explore this wonderful region of quiet hills, valleys and moorland. But it is always there and I am gradually building a collection of images which reflect it's varied charms.

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