Ben Osborne


Having proved that I could not only shoot editorial and production stills but also work alongside camera crews and provide field support in remote locations, I was invited to accompany two other major BBC wildlife series, "The Blue Planet" and "Planet Earth".

Turtle in Costa Rica for the BBC's "The Blue Planet", a series about the world's oceans, gave me the opportunity to work in some very remote, isolated locations across the world. With producer Alastair Fothergill and cameraman Simon King I travelled to Talan Island (in the Sea of Okutsk in the far east of Russia), to Crab Island (off Cape York, Queensland, Australia) and the Falkland Islands (in the South Atlantic Ocean). I also visited Costa Rica on an expedition to film Ridleys Turtles coming ashore to breed on the Pacific coast beach at Ostianal.


Lion's in Botswana for the BBC's "Planet Earth" provided very different experiences. Two jungle journeys (in Gabon and Guyana) offered very challenging photographic situations in stark contrast to the wealth of opportunities on the other expeditions to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Botswana, two of Africa's premier locations for wildlife photography.

As well as commitments to major series, I also shot production stills for many individual programmes both in the UK and abroad.

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