Ben Osborne

The Here and the Now

I believe passionately that photography can be used to deliver powerful environmental statements and that photographers have a golden opportunity to embrace new communication methods:



My work takes me in many creative directions from the single image to multi-media performances. For many years, photography has been all about creating that single image which encapsulates an idea, a theme or a specific subject - and, to some extent, it still is.

However, the advent of both digital photography and instant worldwide communication has given us the opportunity to use photography in an entirely different way, opening up creative possibilities and broader photographic conversations that simply weren't possible a decade ago.

My output has evolved accordingly and alongside the traditional photography of wildlife and landscapes which underpins my work, I am incredibly excited by the chance to move photography forwards by embracing new media, presentation methods and distribution options.

Working alongside musicians, poets and other
artists lifts photography out of its inward-looking
technical bubble and opens new doors to
delivering powerful messages about
subjects that are important to me.

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