Ben Osborne


An increasing proportion of my work is about collaborations. I really enjoy teamwork and the experiences with BBC film crews taught me how much more you can achieve if you pool creative resources and combine a collection of complementary skills.

My first collaboration, with guitarist Keith Offord, illustrated just how important it is to work with someone who not only is a great technician but also has a genuine understanding of the subject matter. Keith's beautiful track "Return of the Sun" is the perfect accompaniment to the sequence of Antarctic ice images at the end of my "Life in the Freezer" audio-visual presentation.

Building on this success, Keith became an integral part of the next project "Common Source", an audio-visual journey along the Rivers Severn and Wye. Keith's music underpinned all the audio-visual pieces in this show and was layered with a selection of thought-provoking poems written by members of the Anglo-Welsh Poetry Society. The combination of music and poetry created a powerful and atmospheric soundtrack for the show and set the tone for future projects.

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