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Awards and Accreditations

I have very mixed feelings about the competitive element of photography. Obviously there is competition to earn a living as a professional photographer but I have always felt that personal photography is an expression of our individual vision and style and, as such, cannot be assessed in the same terms as, say, success and ability in an athletics event.

However, so long as you accept that the assessment of photography is usually based on a fickle and entirely personal judgement, then it can be interesting to test your technical skills and artistry against those of a competition judging panel. Just don't take it too seriously. Having said that.......

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, run jointly by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife magazine, is the most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world.

Winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007I have entered this competition on several occasions during the last 20 years (and in its previous incarnation) which culminated in being judged the Overall Winner in 2007.

Along the way I have notched up a couple of category winners and a number of Highly Commended images.

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